Bonne Nuit Paris: The House

First constructed in 1609 as a single house, under the reign of Henry IV, it was transformed after the Revolution into a small apartment building.

Careful restoration has been undertaken in the early 2000′ in keeping with the memory of “old” Paris. All the significant elements of the original house have been faithfully preserved and restored, as part of a rigorous approach designed to bring out the very best of Parisian architectural heritage: the Louis XVI facade, the front door with ornaments Louis Philippe intact, and the oak staircase.

You will notice in the lobby fragments of sculptor Jean Gougeon from the XVIth century which originate from the destruction of the nearby palace of the Grand Prieur du Temple.

The charm that comes with a house of this age, the solid old stones combined with a contemporary design and decor, makes this a peaceful heaven beyond compare in the Paris area.