Our Neighborhood

The Marais: the historical heart of Paris

Our central location in The Marais, on the right bank, across from The Latin Quarter, makes a perfect base to visit Paris.

The “Old Paris” and the effervescence of creativity

Known as one of the best neighborhood walks, Le Marais is full of innumerable architectural marvels. You will see a variety of styles in which the spirit of the Middle Age and the classicism of the Renaissance flourish alongside more reserved buildings, creating harmony and, at the same time, diversity.

Elegant and sophisticated, yet at the same time with a real sense of community, Le Marais keeps the spirit of “old Paris” alive, while staying completely in tune with the latest trends, shaped by the talented creators who choose to settle there.

Numerous café-théâtres, cinemas, bars, jazz clubs and restaurants make for an environment that is both lively and richly varied every day and in particular during special events such as: la nuit des musées, la fête de la musique (June 21), le festival soirs d’été, Bastille Day, Paris plage, les journées du patrimoine, les journées des jardins, and I love Rue Charlot.


Rue Charlot

Set right in the heart of the bubbling Marais, rue Charlot has managed to hold on to its authentic cachet, reflecting the atmosphere of a rich past and a lively renewal today.

Behind the impressive sculpted gates of the covered driveways, impeccable French-style gardens and beautiful paved courts create the intimate character and authentic charm of this district. An extraordinary heritage, enriched even further by the collections of nearby museums which create a truly exceptional environment, yours to enjoy on a daily basis.

Now highly fashionable, this street so typical of the Marais is the preferred address for stores that “set the tone”: Denise René art gallery, Galerie Dansk for furniture design, fashion designer Moon Young Hee right across the road and many others.

And there are still local neighbourhood markets and shops including the stalls of the “Marché des Enfants Rouges” offering a diverse range of fresh fruits, wines, cheese, food and produce, which forms such an important part of daily French life.